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"How To Have All Your Calgary Home Handyman Repairs Done Properly, At The Best Possible Price By A Couple Of Really Talented Guys...”

Hi there! We’re Helmut and Jerry. Because we’re a only two-man show, we don’t need huge profits to promote a big slick corporate image. We can pass the savings on to you and STILL provide professional, beautiful work that will make your friends and family turn green with envy.

You're at a place in life where you deserve more...


You have a beautiful home...


You want to make it even more beautiful...


And you can afford it...


Do you have something that needs to be fixed or built in your home… and you just don’t have the time, knowledge or patience to do it yourself?

Is Good Help Hard to Find?


It can be tough to find the best, most affordable, honest and dependable people to do Handyman repairs properly at your home, right?


I am going to tell you we are those guys and we have remarkable talents – even if we do say ourselves!


Hire the best skills possible.


We’ve earned and improved upon our skills between the two of us over 60 years, so you can be sure you’ll get beautiful professional work done in your home.


We apply those skills to your home in the following areas:


  • Electrical

  • Painting

  • Flooring

  • Plumbing

  • Drywall

  • Mudding

  • Roofing

  • Fencing

  • Decks


Regardless of the size of your job, we will do it right... the first time.



Your Austro-Canadian Connection


Although Helmut is a Canadian Citizen, he was born in Austria, raised in Vienna, and classically trained as a European electro-mechanical specialist.


(If you listen closely, his accent is a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but not as thick... or loud!)


Although he is very capable in all aspects of handyman craftmanship, Helmut's specialty is for things like the electrical, plumbing and structural systems in your home.


Jerry is born and raised a Canadian through and through. He has been learning and improving his specialty craftmanship for decades right here in Calgary.


(If you listen to him carefully, you can hear his Canadian accent, eh?)


His expertise can take your home into a new realm of beauty and comfort. He specializes in the construction and fine finishing of floors, drywall, bathrooms, woodworking and anywhere else finishing is required.


This is the right combination of skills you want in your home, right?



Although we are at the age where most people would be retired, we are not.




Because we'd be painfully bored and... well... we LOVE doing this work! And we LOVE meeting good people and helping them out. Yes... really.


So when you hire us to do Handyman repairs at your Calgary home, we bring our expertise and passion for beauty and perfection with us.

You’re going to LOVE the final results.




Although we say, “How To Have All Your Calgary Handyman Repairs Done Properly, At The Best Possible Price”...


We're NOT the cheapest guys around.


There are plenty of people, because of being the cheapest, have to cut corners and/or lie to you to get extra work you don’t need... otherwise they won’t be able to make any money.


This just makes sense, doesn’t it?


Please don’t call us if you're looking for the lowest price.


There are plenty of other handyman companies who will give you a lowball price if you're looking for cheap.


We promise to give you a fair price for great work.


This is the main reason why we are very busy.


We guarantee you will be happy or we will work it until you are!


And now... for a Limited Time...


If you get an estimate from us, you can take advantage of...

"The Most Incredible FREE OFFER Worth Up To $1,000s of Dollars...”

Yep... you'll like it... Guaranteed. But with this Offer, we will get swamped and have to cancel it - at least for awhile. So get your Estimate right away before it's gone!



Helmut at Southview Home Repair does some Handyman stuff!

Interview With Helmut About Some Work He Did At A Customer's Home

A Customer Speaks Out!

Remember... When we get swamped with our FREE OFFER, we are going to cancel it. We're not kidding. Don't miss it!


Call or Text Us Now – Helmut and Jerry - for your Handyman repairs at:


(403) 775-1745



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